13 novembro, 2011

1o Congresso Internacional "Cidades através da história: população"

Cities through history: population
24 a 26 de outubro de 2012
Guimarães - Portugal

The role of cities and towns is central for societies past and present, regardless of the aspect of urban areas being examined or the period of history. It is difficult to doubt their importance for human populations, the economy, society, political development, cultural density or artistic expression. With this announcement we would like to invite our colleagues in Europe to embark on a prolonged multidisciplinary challenge to deepen our understanding of cities and towns over the long run, to participate in a common dialogue about the urban roots of historic Europe that may lead us well beyond the specific scientific objectives existing at the outset. The town of Guimarães is an ideal host for events of this nature, not only because of its cultural infrastructures and its magical setting and uncanny beauty, but also because in 2012 it will be the European Capital of Culture. We believe that the First International History Meeting dedicated to “Cities through History” will be the starting point for a series of encounters and meetings about towns and cities in Europe that will become the starting point for renewed work on the importance of the urban world.

Prazo limite para envio de resumos: 30 de novembro de 2011

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PS: This Congress does not have an official language. The fact that the majority of contributions will be made in either Portuguese or Spanish should not discourage contributions in other languages (especially English or French).

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