13 dezembro, 2012

Estudo longitudinal acompanhará coorte de mais de 18 mil crianças até a idade de 20 anos

Etude Longitudinale Française Depuis l'Enfance - ELFE

Elfe is the first longitudinal study of its kind in France, tracking children from birth to adulthood. It will examine every aspect of these children’s lives from the perspectives of health, social sciences and environmental health. Covering the whole of metropolitan France, it was launched in April 2011, in the wake of a pilot survey of 500 families that began in 2007. Backed by the ministries in charge of research, health and sustainable development, as well as by a number of leading research bodies and other institutions, the Elfe study involves 400 researchers from more than 60 research teams, investigating more than 90 research topics.

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