26 abril, 2013

Latin American Human Mortality Database

The web-site aims at disseminating human mortality data and literature of human mortality in Latin
America, in order to provide detailed information for researchers, students, policy makers and the general public interested in knowing trends and developments in the study of mortality in the region. The project is inspired by The Human Mortality Database (www.mortality.org) and is the result of joint work of Prof. B. Urdinola of the National University of Colombia, Bogota Department of Statistics and Professor Bernardo Lanza Queiroz CEDEPLAR, Belo Horizonte-Brazil, funded by the Population Association of America (www.popassoc.org) and the Research Direction of Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Bogotá (DIB www.dib.unal.edu.co). At present the database contains detailed information on mortality for five countries in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. All information is broken down by age, sex, region and cause of death. Additionally there is information on the academic literature on the study of mortality for these same countries.


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